Timeline: Luneta to the Hague #WestPHSeaDispute

Timeline-Luneta tothe haguetribunal#WestPHsea

Source: Luneta To The Hague: A Timeline of the West PH Sea dispute.


On the Reed Bank, PH foreign policy, oligarchs

Sass Rogando Sasot is the one person who has talked sense about the diplomacy efforts of the Duterte administration post-decision by the Hague Tribunal on the WestPHSea dispute in favor of the Philippines. She has also been the only one to shed light on the oligarch’s interests in the Reed Bank (another “disputed” territory), and how there was a conflict of interest given President Aquino’s Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario.

This video is a crash course on the Reed Bank, which Sass has aptly called (g)Reed Bank.

List of sources here.

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